Are nurses on your team burning out?

(How can you reverse burnout – and help people love their work again?)

Here’s the scenario – a new nurse comes up to you in the hall and says, “You know what? I absolutely love my job. I can’t wait to come to work.”
And you think, “I wonder if you’ll be saying the same thing after a year.”

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You hope so. But, you’re doubtful.

And as they walk away, you ask yourself, “How can I protect this new nurse from the burnout that infects so many of my colleagues and team members?”

Because before nurses burnout – there are signs

Before they burnout, nurses work harder and run faster. They push themselves. And give and give.
But, at a certain point, nurses shut down. They close up their hearts and mentally withdraw – to protect themselves from being completely overwhelmed.

How often have you seen this? Or felt it yourself?

It’s just like a machine that is overheating

Rather, than burnout all its circuits – the machine is programmed to shut down. It’s an act of self-protection.

The same is true for nurses. Instead of going into total burnout – they shut down.

But, nurses don’t want to shut down

Nurses don’t want to be cynical and negative. They want to do good work and make a difference for patients, everyday. So, for nurses, shutting down is a last resort. It’s a desperate act of self-protection.

When nurses don’t know how to keep the love of their work alive without burning-out – they shut down to protect themselves

From the outside it looks like they don’t care or that they’re angry. In fact, they care deeply. And, they are struggling to keep their sense of calling – their love of nursing – alive. They want to be like that new nurse – who loves coming to work. What can you do to help?


This site is a place where you can to learn how to stop burnout from infecting your team, yourself, and your organization.

Hi, we’re Eric Klein and John Forman. For the past twenty years we’ve worked with more than 25,000 people in hundreds of organizations. We’ve distilled thousands of hours of experience into these nursing-specific products and programs. programs are based on the evidence-based principles of human psychology – and make use of nurse’s deep drive to making a difference in their world. The programs are powerful. You can use the programs to change a whole organization, a team, another nurse, or yourself.


What a great team John and Eric make. We really love what they are doing for critical care with these DVDs and the work they are doing on behalf of healthcare organizations! ‘Change or perish’ is a law of life that we must honor — or else.  Change need not be painful; it can be transformative and empowering, not just for ourselves but for those around us.  The integral process in these magnificent DVDs show how.”

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN

Author: Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action

larry_dossey.jpgLarry Dossey, MD

Author:  The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary Things

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glenna.jpg“These are not your usual leadership programs. They get to the heart of what it means to lead change and to re-energize. They provide real tools that can be applied today in a memorable and immediately productive way.

Forman and Klein are right to honor the profession of nursing as leaders. They have great respect for the profession, intriguing insights and down-to-earth humor as they point out pragmatic and graceful strategies for ending burn-out and successfully implementing changes large and small.”

Glenna M. Crooks, Ph.D.,former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health for the Reagan administration, founder/president of Strategic Health Policy International, Inc